Hance Scarborough, LLP

Natural Resources

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Hance Scarborough's practice of natural resources law concerns government regulation of mineral resources and in representing clients involved in general oil and gas matters.

The Firm's governmental regulation practice encompasses exploration, production and marketing of international and domestic oil, natural gas and coal that are subject to control by regulatory authorities on the federal and state level. The Firm has extensive knowledge of mineral resource regulations and policies. The Firm's personal involvement and negotiation with government and corporate decision makers works to our client's benefit. The Firm negotiates and communicates with agency regulators, interprets regulatory requirements and represents its clients at evidentiary hearings before administrative law judges and agency decision makers.

The Firm's representation of clients in oil and gas matters includes representing the interests and contracting needs of working interest owners, drilling contractors, service companies engaged in onshore and offshore exploration and production projects, both domestic and international. The Firm also represents clients involved in the acquisition of oil and gas related entities.