Hance Scarborough, LLP

Environmental Law

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Hance Scarborough's environmental law practice involves the interplay of statutory and regulatory law from both federal and state governments. Programs such as the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Resource Recovery and Conservation Act, Texas Solid Waste Disposal Act, Texas Radiation Control Act, and the Texas Health and Safety Code establish and address the legal and technical codes of conduct for individuals, industries and governments in regards to environmental protection. The Firm represents client's interests in compliance, licensing and enforcement issues before administrative agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and in Texas, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Railroad Commission, and the Texas Department of Health.

The Firm's legal representation before these agencies requires a specialized knowledge and involvement in the multitude of programs that have been promulgated to promote clean air, clean water and safe management of waste and materials. The Firm uses its knowledge of these issues to represent its clients interests in protecting these precious human and natural resources in a manner consistent with the goal of sustainable economic development.

The Firm is involved in permitting, enforcement, and ongoing regulatory representation in the areas of commercial hazardous waste facilities, municipal solid waste landfills, recycling and waste minimization, underground injection, management and disposal of radioactive materials, air emissions and pollution control, water quality, oil and gas waste management, water utility matters and wastewater discharges.